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Flaming Lips -- Embryonic
Posted: 01/10/10 at 02:09PM
Don has done all the vinyl mastering for the new Flaming Lips album "Embryonic".
Subject:  Mastering for the Independent Musician
Posted: 01/17/07 at 06:55PM

Don has just been interviewed about "mastering for the independent musician" by David Knight of the website "Music Talks Sessions". This site offers "guidance, information, resources and encouragement for the emerging musical entrepreneur". They are located at

Pod Cast

Don Grossinger has mastered some of the music industries most notable award winning recording artists, including the Rolling Stones, Public Enemy and Run DMC. In 2006 he opened his home based mastering studio and invited us in to share his expertise, and to better understand the process of mastering.

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Subject:  "I Want to Keep the Lathes Running"
Posted: 06/01/05

Every few weeks, I receive catalogs in the mail from several high-end audio dealers, all of them offering turntables ranging in price from about $300 to $5000. A few of those dealers also sell vinyl. In 1991, when I bought what I then thought was a serious audiophile turntable, a Denon DP59L, I assumed I was buying one of the last of a dying breed. If you'd told me that, 15 years later, turntables would still be available, I would have said you were being too optimistic. Yet here we are in 2005 and you can still find a turntable to fit your budget. More surprising is the fact that some companies are still trying to find ways to improve this old technology. Even more unexpected, high-quality LPs -- new titles as well as reissues -- are being pressed right here in the US.

Still, LPs and the hardware to play them remain a specialty market. Most of the people who buy turntables are, I'd guess, at least middle aged and already have large record collections. (Hip-hop DJs don't buy Rega turntables.) Most of our friends long ago dumped their vinyl off at Goodwill (our gain) and traded it for CDs. We vinyl lovers are a fringe group, and small changes in the industry can create anxiety among us.

Don Grossinger is a mastering engineer whose recent credits include an all-analog master for the vinyl release of Brian Wilson's Smile and the excellent vinyl reissues of the Rolling Stones' ABKCO/London catalog. I asked him how he felt about the current state of vinyl in the marketplace. "It's not as healthy as I expected it to be," he told me. "If you had asked me six months ago, I would have given you a different answer. But Universal closed its pressing plant near Albany, New York, and plant closings are not a good sign."

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Subject:  Don Grossinger Cuts "Smile"
Posted: 06/20/04

Don Grossinger has just proudly completed the analog vinyl cutting for the legendary lost Beach Boy's album "Smile". This is a brand new recording, done recently by Brian Wilson and his current band. The original recording sessions with the Beach Boys, done in 1966, were never released to the public.

The cutting was done in extreme purest fashion at Masterdisk in New York City using a vintage Studer A-80 mastering playback reel to reel deck with preview and program heads. This allowed the removal of the now-common digital delay line from the cutting chain. The 1/4", 15 IPS, No Noise Reduction, CCIR format masters for Sides A/B/C were from Bob Ludwig's Gateway Studio. Side D is a bonus for vinyl buyers and included "instrumental only" versions of 4 tracks from the album. Side D was EQ'ed by Don at Masterdisk Studios.

The cut was done on Masterdisk's Neumann SAL-84 lathe with a Neumann SX-74 cutter head. Don chose to use the analog masters after a detailed Comparison with Protools HD files also supplied, for their rich and detailed sound quality.

The album is slated for release in the US and Europe this fall.

Posted: 2/14/02

Don Grossinger, Chief Mastering Engineer at Europadisk Studios in NY has just mastered the newest Kylie Minogue release "Butterfly", for both the vinyl and CD formats. Minogue was a big winner at the 2002 Brit Awards snagging two, including the "Best International Female Vocalist" prize.

Europadisk & Grossinger are always hot and getting even hotter having hit titles on the following Billboardcharts this past week:

Hot Rap Singles Sales
Top R&B / Hip Hop Albums
Hot R&B / Hip hop Singles & Tracks
Hot R&B / Hip Hop Singles Sales
Hot Dance Music Club Play
Hot Dance Music Maxi Singles Sales
Top Electronic Albums
Top Independent Albums


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Don cut the lacquers of the Brian Wilson solo album for me.  Everyone involved had a big "Smile"."

Bob Ludwig
Don added depth and clarity to my project, with a fast turnaround time! I would recommend him for Dance Music Productions.

Rob Salmon
Besides being an overall cool guy and super Yankee fan, Don Grossinger is a class A engineer. He can take your final production and make it sing like it was intended to. He's patient, listens, and is always ready and willing to help. Don makes my life a lot easier when it comes to running Definity and SAW Recordings."

Hector Romero
Definity Records
Def Mix Productions
I am very pleased with the sound quality and musicality of the final master that Don made for my CD. I don't think the results would have been as good if Don had not listened to my many comments and requests concerning fine points and details from the scores during the process. I was also impressed with his skills in using his sophisticated mastering equipment."

Abe Silverman
Abe Silverman Big Band
A big thanx goes out to Don Grossinger for putting his final touch on Higher. Don has just done the mastering for the vinyl cut and for the cd. He made a song, which sounded very good, sounding even better. An audio preview will be available here in a few days. Stay tuned, this is a killer!!

Sanny X

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